Media Consent

A parent or guardian must complete this form for people under 18 years.

Aspens asks for your permission to use all written materials, quotes, video footage and photographs taken  for and by Aspens Charities Ltd (either by Aspens staff or external organisations).

It includes:

  • all footage taken of you, including rushes (footage that is taken but is not included in a final  video);
  • all sound recording taken of you;
  • any still images taken from the video;
  • any quotes (written quotes taken from what you have said during the interview/ filming/recording)
  • any photographs taken of you.

I give my permission for Aspens to use any quotes, footage and photographs if they decide to do so.

I understand that quotes, footage and photographs may be used at different times and that I will not be  contacted each time.

I also give permission that any video footage may be edited or altered to be used in other videos  and the final decision with the editing rests with Aspens.

I also give permission for any photographs/videos that I have supplied to Aspens myself, to be    used as above.

I am aware that any footage, photographs, video or interviews/stories shared online (social media/website) could be shared  further, copied or downloaded by individuals or through external websites and digital platforms including national and international broadcasting and media outlets both print and digital. Aspens is not responsible for the subsequent use and sharing of any footage, photographs, video and interview/stories outside of our own channels.

Some of the ways footage or photographs might be used include:

  • on the Aspens website
  • on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn for example)
  • video-hosting platforms (YouTube and Vimeo for example)
  • in other Aspens information or campaign DVDs
  • in Aspens publications (leaflets, posters, training materials or presentations)
  • in press, magazines, publications, television and radio features